A selection of the work of Ronald Pope  

Ronald Pope was a sculptor of the modernist school, creating works in stone, metal and wood.  He studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, under Prof. F McWilliam, and later under Heber Matthews, and while his sculptures show contemporary influences, he retains his own individual style and interpretive form.


Ronald Pope at the Ashbourne Art Festival 2015

A Talk by Dr Robert Burstow (University of Derby)

'Lost Sculpture - Our Disappearing Heritage'

Dr Burstow, who has worked closely with the Public Monuments and Sculptures Association, highlights the problem of the loss of works of high quality nationally and locally, and make some suggestions on how we can protect our heritage. He will reference the local problem through the work of Ronald Pope, many of whose public works have disappeared in recent years. The presentation will also show how Ronald Pope drew inspiration from the Derbyshire Dales to create a unique sculpture from a simple idea.

Ashbourne Town Hall

Monday 22 June 2015 at 7.30pm  


Ashbourne Art Festival 

Robert Burstow 

Public Monuments and Sculptures Association 

Critical evaluation of his work suggests that he was influenced by the work of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, and his style is certainly part of this genre, but he actually drew inspiration for much of his work from landscape form within the Derbyshire Peak District and the Lake District, but also his belief in the essence of harmony within the human spirit. 

His lack of interest in the culture of self promotion within mainstream art, and his relative isolation in Derbyshire, enabled Ronald Pope to develop highly individual sculpture, in various forms and styles, over 4 decades.

These pages illustrate Ronald Pope's work schematically, rather than by creative periods and styles.  Having said that, it will be obvious from the various groupings that many of the works within are contemporaneous - a 'family' of sculptures.

Ronald Pope's work can be found in dozens of locations across the midlands - schools, churches, public and private buildings - and collections are held by Derby Museum & Art Gallery, Watford Museum and the Djanogly Gallery (Nottingham). The Henry Moore Institute have a Ronald Pope sculpture (maquette of 'Wall Sculpture - Du5-7') in their collection.

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